The O+P Team

  • How to Style the Talula Drops

    The signature Talula Drop Earrings are one of our fan favorites. Designed to be elegant and classic with a vintage-inspired vibe, they feature subtle pops of opal that make them extra special!  We love that these drops are versatile - they're perfect as bridal jewelry for your wedding day, and ... View Post
  • THE #OANDPGIRLS: Stacy Cashin

    Stacy is the energy and sunshine behind olive + piper! You can always count on her to be positive, bubbly, and ready to take on the world (literally). With a background centered around hospitality, she loves connecting with our #oandpgirls, whether it's through the sparkly packages she prepares, over email or in person. Find out more about Stacy! View Post
  • THE #OANDPGIRLS: Clarissa Persiani

    Clarissa's the creative power behind the newest designs at olive + piper. Moving here from Brazil, she's currently our head designer and has a killer fashion sense (with a Parisian touch). Before designing for us here, she ran her own jewelry company in Brazil! Get to know Clarissa and how she turns her creativity into your next favorite piece of jewelry.  View Post