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About the Company | olive + piper

We have a feeling you like jewelry... which means we're going to get along just fine. 

olive + piper is an online boutique based in Vancouver for stylish, playful and ambitious girls who like sparkly things. We take care in curating and designing the pieces we carry - pieces that take your look to the next level, that make you feel good, and make you do a double take when you walk by a mirror (#oandpgirls selfie, anyone?). It's jewelry we're obsessed with. 

We want to keep you looking fresh, so follow us on social to stay up to date with what's new and what's going on with us behind the scenes! 

Our Mission to our Customers | olive + piper

TO CREATE  a guilty pleasure that fashion lovers fall in love with…over and over again! We want to do it in a way that makes people feel good – without breaking the bank, without compromising style, and with a lot of ease. With a combination of gorgeous pieces, affordable prices and amazing customer service, we'll help you find jewels that'll make you (and people around you) say... oh my goodness, olive this!

TO SHARE  our love and passion for the sparklier things in life! We enjoy what we do, and a huge part of that is having awesome people like you to connect with. Whether your style is simple, edgy, bold or outrageous, you have a unique way of expressing it. Sharing, exploring and FUN  – that’s the company we keep!

TO INSPIRE  you to explore and celebrate your individual style and empower you be and feel the best about yourself in everything you do. When you're your best version, you come back around and inspire us and the people around you. We believe that it's the little things that make people happy - so go on girl, share your positive vibes with us and let's sparkle! 


The Beginning | olive + piper



Sometime in 2012, after trying to turn a few hobbies into a business (and failing), I decided that I'd give it another shot. I dreamed up this idea of having a jewelry store for a while. I had no idea what it would look like. All I knew was that I had an obsession with accessories and a mountain of jewelry that should only get bigger. I decided to give it a go, not knowing that this time though, it would be bigger, scarier and better.

In October, I launched a little side thing called olive + piper, with some savings, a handful of products and a background in Sciences.  

In a year's time, I was so over my day job, desperate to get out. I couldn't find a new job so I decided to quit. And I did. (I kept it a secret from my family, because quitting your job without a back-up plan and a new home is completely irresponsible.)

With no luck finding work, I spent my time on olive + piper - fueled with a love for jewelry, boiled cabbage dinners and a fear of losing my home. Things picked up - up, down and up again. Now, a couple of years later, we're still kicking and sparkling more than ever - all thanks to you. Olive jewelry. I don't believe it's something you mindlessly throw on before you head out the door. It can do so much for you - to your look, your confidence and how you feel. It's the finishing touch, and that extra boost of confidence that gets you thinking "Girl, I look gooood!So thanks for joining us on this journey and letting me share my love with you. Now back to work - to bring you your next favorite bauble. ;) xoxo, Tania 

PS - Don't worry, my family knows that olive + piper is my main squeeze.


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