#oandpathome: Our Team's WFH Looks

With all the recent changes in the world affecting our personal and work lives, we're seeing how important it is to keep to a routine, find balance and make your home a place that's both a work space and a living space when you're off the clock. And since we're spending a lot more time at home, we wouldn't mind a reason or two to put on a little sparkle and work from home in cute and comfy style!

Here's how the olive + piper team's showing up for work and their tips for keeping a healthy WFH-life balance. 


#oandpathome: Stacy's WFH LookWearing the Amour Pendant and Coco Stud Set.


Stacy's WFH Tips

  1. Always have a huge glass of water close to you! Make sure it's full before calls, and keep drinking it throughout the day!

  2. If you need to check the news or social media, set a timer on your phone and be strict with it! Stay informed, but also aware of how time time you are spending

  3. Lots to do but having a hard time focusing? Give yourself a kick start by focusing on what you love to do first, and getting in a groove for a productive work day!

    #oandpathome: Clarissa's WFH Look

    Wearing the Mila Stud Earrings


    Clarissa's WFH Tips

    1. Build a permanent work space. Like your desk at work. I’ve been lighting candles, Palo Santo and listening to jazz.

    2. I’ve been dividing my day into morning / break / afternoon: I plan what I am going to focus on in the morning, what I am going to do during my break (like take a walk, watch Friends, do laundry, call my parents or meditate). And last but not least, I plan what I have to have completed by the end of the work day.

    3. Before I go to bed I like to do a quick tidy and organize my home. It feels good waking up to a neat and clean space. It's also good for a productive work day.

    4. I stopped buying unhealthy snacks. (It was hard.)

    5. I’ve been trying to include some light exercises in my routine. I started jogging with my husband last weekend just to relax my mind!


    #oandpathome: Tania's WFH Look

    Wearing the Asymmetrical Pearl Drops and Chloe Pendant.


    Tania's WFH Tips

    1. Keep your regular schedule! In my 6 years working FH, I woke up the same time. Every. Single. Day. Try to go to bed and wake up at the same time you would if you had to go to work - this will keep your productivity up!

    2. I find that it helps to get ready - even if it's just putting on some mascara, doing your hair and getting out of those sweats once in a while! 


    #oandpathome: Keira's WFH LookWearing the Marissa Hoops and Amour Pendant.

    Keira's WFH Tips

    1. Remember to drink water!

    2. Get up and go for walks to get fresh air.

    3. Move your body, it's easy to become inactive all day.

    #oandpathome: Thanh's WFH Look
    Wearing the Sydney Studs.

    Thanh's WFH Tips

    1. Think about and write down a routine and make goals for your work week as well as your personal time. Working from home can be challenging but at the same time, make it work for you and think of the silver lining. You have gained time from not commuting, and you may have flexibility to shift your work hours throughout the day. See how you can fit in time to accomplish your personal goals.

    2. Keep your home neat and organized and don't let your work space blur into your personal space. If you're lucky enough to be able to close a door on your work space, do that, if not, put your laptop away or cover up your temporary desk so that you can disconnect when you're not in workmode.


    How are you finding working from home, and what are your WFH tips? Be sure to  share your WFH style with us and the #oandpgirls community by snapping a photo at home in your favorite olive + piper jewelry! Submit your photo here. 

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