How to Style the Talula Drops

The signature Talula Drop Earrings are one of our fan favorites. Designed to be elegant and classic with a vintage-inspired vibe, they feature subtle pops of opal that make them extra special! 

We love that these drops are versatile - they're perfect as bridal jewelry for your wedding day, and also super cute with a casual everyday look. Versatility is one thing we always keep in mind when designing our pieces - we want you to be able to wear your jewelry all the time! Being able to wear them with your every day style is definitely a common theme with our team.


olive + piper Talula Drop Statement Earrings

Here's how our team wears the Talula Earrings

How to Style the Talula Statement Earrings
"I wear the Talula Drops with an outfit that is feminine but still effortless and casual.  I could go to brunch, a baby shower, a birthday... anywhere in it because it's comfortable, with a little bit of glam." - Tania 
How to Style the Talula Drops
"I like to wear my Talula Drops with something comfy - off the shoulder top, jeans and flats.... with my hair pulled back to show off more of the sparkle." - Stacy
How to Style the Talula Drops
"I love to style our luxe collection pieces - especially the the Talula - with a simple t-shirt, comfy jeans and flats. It's really cool because I can be comfy and glam." - Clarissa
How to Style the Talula Drops
"I have more of a sporty style - I'm wearing the earrings with a bomber jacket, white sneakers which I really like because it dresses up my outfit and makes it more girly." - Keira
How to Style the Talula Drops
"I like to wear these to bring a little feminine flair to my outfits which are usually pretty minimalist and modern - I always wear black and white." - Thanh

olive + piper Talula Drop Earrings

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