Olive & Piper x Showfields

Olive & Piper at Showfields

Available at Georgetown, Washington DC & Noho NY

Nice to meet you | About Olive & Piper

Hi! 👋 We're Olive & Piper and we're a woman-founded and women-powered jewelry brand from Vancouver, Canada. We started in 2012, when our founder, Tania, was curious about ecommerce. Graduating with a degree in Cell Biology and Genetics, Tania unexpectedly found herself immersed in the online world with no experience. One year after starting Olive & Piper, she had it with the corporate world and left her job without savings or a plan… which led to many countless nights of eating boiled cabbage for dinner. (Do not recommend.)

Having a strong focus on design, customer experience, and a “figure it out as we go” mentality, Olive & Piper is truly a home-based startup turned recognized jewelry brand made up of a team of amazing women. All of our jewelry is designed by us in Vancouver! Our jewelry is crafted in 14K gold plating or silver toned plating, glass crystals, hypoallergenic and nickel free or safe materials.

Olive & Piper Team
Us celebrating our 10th anniversary this year

Whether it's for everyday life or the most special occasions, our jewelry is meant for your best moments - big or small. We focus on designing jewelry that's easy-to-wear and versatile… all with a bit of our Olive & Piper touch. 

You deserve the best, because you're the occasion.