What I wore to Beyonce's Renaissance Tour (and what you should, too)

What I wore to Beyonce's Renaissance Tour

So I went to Beyonce's Renaissance Tour concert last night in Vancouver... and it was UNREAL. The Queen pulled out all the stops and spoiled us - from her musical crew and dancers, the show's entire production, her immaculate stage performance and live vocals (!!) to Blue Ivy's appearance and all the OUTFITS she (and the entire stadium) wore - it definitely cost a billion to look that good. 

Now if you didn't hear, Beyonce took to social media to share her birthday wish for the last month of the tour: to show up in our most "fabulous silver fashions" in the house of chrome. I took this request very seriously. I put together 3 looks, paired them with pieces from our Renaissance Tour Vibes collection and went with whichever one made me feel like I'm on that new vibration. 

Look 1: Flora Drops

As soon I got the silver memo, I knew I was pulling out these sequin pants. Up until yesterday, they only saw daylight during the holidays. I paired these fun pants with an equally fun pearl top, and the Flora Drops. The floral-inspired silhouette reminds me of fireworks - perfect for this occasion.

What I wore to Beyonce's Renaissance Tour - Olive & Piper Flora Drops

Look 2: Porter Studs

A little edgy, a lotta luxe. I wear the Porter Studs pretty often. They're a great size for studs - big enough to be noticed but subtle in that they're still studs. IMO, these are one of the most versatile pieces you could own - they go well with a blazer for the office, but also kill it for weddings and nights out. Now add concerts to the list. 

What I wore to Beyonce's Renaissance Tour - Olive & Piper Porter Studs

Look 3: Adelaide Hoops

For this look, I went for elevated disco cowgirlie with a sequin midi fringe skirt paired with an also-sequin-but-not-matching jacket. Since we're in full sequin, I toned down the jewelry for a more casual (but still elevated) vibe with the Adelaide Hoops. They're the big sister of our Marissa Huggies!

What I wore to Beyonce's Renaissance Tour - Adelaide Hoops Olive & Piper

There you have it! Whether you're looking for a little disco cowgirl inspo, or you're ready to accent your own "most fabulous silver" look, check out our Renaissance Tour Vibes collection.

PS - curious to know which look I ended up going with for the Renaissance Tour? Visit us on Instagram to see the final decision 😉 

xo, Tania

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