How to Navigate Your Wedding During Coronavirus

There's something important we want to talk about today - weddings! That’s right, that big day you've not only dreamt about for so long, but also the big day you've been planning for so long. We know you've put a lot into time and resources into it - from booking your wedding venue, finalizing your guestlist to what bridal jewelry compliments your wedding look best. 

We want to start out by sending our love to everyone during this time. If you, or someone you know had to postpone or cancel their wedding due to the recent health concerns we are experiencing globally, know that we're here for you, and we're sending extra love and positivity your way. 


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We're not wedding experts, but what working in a small, female-powered company has taught is that we know how to work together, how to persevere, brainstorm new and exciting ideas, how to see the silver lining and most importantly, how to do it with enthusiasm! For real though, we end all team meetings with a big, bold (and sometimes exaggerated) cheer! Tune into IG stories to see more.

What we also know is that big part of our community is made up of bride-to-be's and past #oandpbrides, allowing us to reach out, ask for your advice and how others might be dealing with a coronavirus wedding cancellation. We did a poll on Instagram, and out of 700+ brides who voted, 40% said they had to make changes to their wedding plans. You're not alone.




We did a little research and put together some ideas about what to do if you've had to make changes to your wedding, how to celebrate in quarantine and how to also support couples affected by this. 


Okay, but I might actually have to cancel my wedding, now what? 

We hear you -- we want to acknowledge how disappointing and stressful it is to cancel or postpone such an big day. Through all the frustration and anger (and a few majorly intense pillow punching sessions) you may be left wondering what to do next. 

If you are continuing on with your wedding during coronavirus, have already cancelled or are wondering if you may have to, there are a couple choices that we’d suggest making first with your partner or closest friends/family. First off, do you want to postpone the actual wedding day, or change the execution of the wedding entirely? Your guests will understand both decisions so this really comes down to what is most important for YOU and for the ones closest to you.

Here's some real life #oandpbrides who've had their wedding during coronavirus, including some positive words from our wedding community! 


Real Life olive + piper Brides Share Positive Words about their Wedding


Option 1: The day must go on! 

Here's how to tie the knot (while in lock down) and plan for a virtual wedding during coronavirus. It'll be one everyone will remember! 

If you've decided that you're going to move forward with getting married during this time, here's one way to make the most out of it! 

Host a Zoom Wedding. It’s a thing, and it's pretty cool. Couples are turning to live streaming platforms as a way to still get married on the day they planned, and also a great way to include their loved ones! Make it fun by encouraging your guests to dress up, grab a glass of champagne and virtually join you for the special day!

Don’t believe us? Check out this link to see real couples who got married on Zoom and see how they did it! 


How to have a quarantine wedding during the COVID-19 outbreak

Option 2: Waiting for the right time, is right for me.

If doing it virtually just doesn't feel right for you and you'd rather postone it, here's how to keep excited about your wedding and break the news. 


On the bright side, you now have extra time to invest in the small details that may have previously been overlooked. Try incorporating something new and exciting into the big day. Think... DIY gifts for wedding favors or a really unique DIY photo booth! Maybe even keep your guests on their toes (and in shape) by asking them to prep for that real life dance off you're going to have when the big day comes!

Or if you are the perfectly prepared bride, this means it’s time to plan that honeymoon! Research dream destinations for you and your partner to travel to once you've tied the knot. Print out photos of these beautiful places for an inspo board, or make them into a desktop or mobile wallpaper! Doesn't hurt to browse around for some new honeymoon looks either! We love giving yourself something to look forward to - and trust us, you're going to enjoy and appreciate it so much more. 

As an added bonus -- if you're still shopping for your perfect wedding day jewelry, we're here for you. Feel free to reach out to us for some styling advice!

Honeymoon Destination: Maui, HI
Maui, HI 


Here are some real life couples who've decided to postpone their weddings, and what they are doing in the meantime? (We personally love couple 6’s story!)

Read: Bride and grooms who had to postpone their weddings because of coronavirus. 

 Wedding Positivity

My BFF had a coronavirus wedding cancellation, how can I lift her spirits?

This might be our favorite part! As a sibling, friend, coworker, spin class sidekick, coffee shop buddy or BFF, there’s always a small way that you can help lift a bummed out bride’s mood!

Take the time to let them know that no matter when their wedding takes place, you can't wait to celebrate with them. How about doing something uplifting for them (but also fun for you)?

Here's an idea -- film a short video including their family and friends (or whoever you can get to hop on Zoom with you!) and all share words of kindness and love towards the couple during this time. Remind them how EXCITED you are for their big day! Make it a song! A dance! A rap! A spoken word poem! (You get the gist...)Do it big and proud, and drop it in their inbox when they are least expecting it! (Or even hop on an IG live if that’s your thing, and encourage others to spread the love too!)

If being in the spotlight isn’t your thing (aka your twerking skills are for your eyes only), sending a nice handwritten message with a small token of acknowledgement for your friend can be a very special way to make them feel a little brighter. 

We love the idea of mailing her a special little keepsake as a loving reminder that you're there for her! If you haven’t seen our heart shaped >Amour Pendantyet, it would make the perfect surprise -- it even has a special message of love engraved on the back. This will ensure your BFF feels loved, thought of and supported every time she wears it. :)


Gift Ideas for the Bride


Love from the O+P Wedding Community

 Positive words from olive + piper Brides

Advice from the O+P Wedding Community

Tips from olive + piper Brides


We love sharing these tips and tricks from our O+P community and we hope that it provides a little help and comfort. We also love when you share your feedback with us! Tell us what you want to see more of, tell us what works and what doesn’t, and please continue to send us love too -- we really appreciate when you connect with us on social media, and your support, especially during these times. It means the world to us!!

Let’s end this with an #oandpgirls team cheer. How about...“We got this! We here! Stay shiny! Persevere!!” 


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  • Shauna Poitras

    We had our original date March 20th when everything was in full shut down mode. We set up our venue and then hours later they had to close their doors. It was devastating for me. We waited months and picked a new date for September 2nd. As we got closer numbers were climbing again and things were making me so nervous. Getting ptsd in a way that it would be canceled again was a real thing for me. We got to the day of, not without changing things as we went. We had a small group of 18 people and no reception (to be followed on our two year anniversary). Once I saw the day and walking down the aisle and how happy I looked I forgot all about covid for a day! My photos make me so happy to show off the love and celebration we have not been able to enjoy for several months 🥰

  • AdrianoBax

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  • Jayne Corso

    We emailed our cancellation and new date to our guest list. I created a save the date image in canva that looked like our old one. Going to do the same with our invite. Canva is a really useful tool!

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