Hoop Earrings: Why we love them and how to care for them

From dainty to statement, sleek to detailed, we truly love a good hoop earring here at Olive & Piper. Keep reading to learn why they’re truly a wardrobe essential, get inspired to wear hoops, and get jewelry cleaning tips and care. 

Olive & Piper | Why we love hoop earrings

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Why we love hoop earrings

Incredibly versatile: Wondering how to wear casual hoop earrings? Sport them with a t-shirt and jeans (or hoodie and leggings) and dress up your casual looks, rock them to the office with your everyday workwear, or take them on a night out. Wherever you go, day or night, hoop earrings are welcome, and easily bring an effortlessly cool, stylish vibe to your outfit.

Timeless, classic, AND trendy: Hoops have been around for a long time (since the ancient Egyptians!), are loved by many cultures, and aren’t going anywhere soon. Every season brings a new, fresh take on the hoop that can easily be worn for years to come too. 

So many options: Hoop earrings come in MANY flavors and look good with lots of different outfits. If you’re newer to jewelry, try a petite huggie hoop. If you’re looking for something new, try a hoop embellished with pave or pearls. Want to make a statement? A bold hoop can do that for you too! Big or small, there’s an option for you.


Olive & Piper | Timeless, versatile and trendy hoops

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 How to take care of your Hoop Earrings

A little extra care goes a long way! These tips will help to minimize signs of wear and help keep your pieces looking their best.

  1. When in doubt, take it off! Jewelry should be removed when sleeping, bathing, exercising, and swimming. Remember to remove your jewelry when applying sprays, perfumes and lotions. Try to avoid liquids in general, as these can be hard on jewelry and will speed up the aging process.

  2. To shine your jewelry and remove surface oils, you can gently rub your pieces with a polishing cloth after use. Please be mindful not to snag your cloth on the gems.

  3. When you’re not wearing your jewelry, keep your pieces stored in fabric pouch it arrived in, a jewelry box, or a plastic bag. Storing it away from light and oxygen helps prevent tarnishing and oxidization. In need of jewelry storage? Shop our Jewelry Cases!

  4. With lots of love, frequent wear, or improper storage, sometimes hoop earring closures with posts can bend or loosen. Though this won’t be the case for all earrings, it’s not uncommon with our more delicate designs, such as our Mina, Petite Mina, and Maddie Hoops.
Luckily, it’s very easy to fix right at home. Watch the following video to adjust your hoop earrings’ posts back to normal: 

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