Fall Wardrobe Staples To Buy This Season

Is it really fall already?? We're more than half way through the year, and although you might be missing warmer weather and sunny days (we sure are - hello, "raincouver"), you can look forward to all the coziness and layers colder seasons have to bring.

To give you a little nudge in the right direction, we've rounded up our 2017 fall wardrobe staples you need right now. Enjoy mixing these fall classics and of-the-moment pieces to create your perfect fall style. And if you're looking for inspiration, check out our 5 fall outfits to try right now

Now you're thinking, I totally need to update my closet. 

Fall Wardrobe Staples To Buy Right Now: Cozy Sweater

1. Cozy Sweater

The best thing about fall is sweater weather. We love rocking those cozy and chunky knits - just throw them on and you're ready to go. Who would have thought looking that good would literally take no time?

Photo: Lisa Olsson 


Fall Wardrobe Staples To Buy Right Now: Ankle Boots and Sock Boots

2. Ankle Boots and Sock Boots

In about 1 week, over-the-knee boots are going to be all over your instagram feed. As much it reappears each season, what we're really excited about are booties. Amp up your style in an instant with a pair of these stylish bad boys. Perfect with pants, sweater dresses and tights. 

Photo: Blank Itinerary


Fall Wardrobe Staples To Buy Right Now: Floral and Botanic Pieces

3. Florals and Botanicals

Summer's over but that doesn't mean we're going to stop with the florals. Fall is the perfect time to bring out sophisticated palettes and ultra-chic patterns. Don't forget to think outside the box - floral and botanical jewelry is super cute too. 


Fall Wardrobe Staples To Buy Right Now: Bomber Jacket

4. Bomber Jacket

All the "cool" girls (and guys) rock bomber jackets the second the temperatures drop. This jacket practically goes with any outfit... like jeans and a sweater, or a pretty wrap dress. Not to mention, it also looks killer with sneakers, booties or a pair of heels. 

Photo: Thrifts and Threads


Fall Wardrobe Staples To Buy Right Now: Berets

5. Baker Boy Hat

Have you noticed? This hat is all over the radar. At first glance you might be thinking.... why?? But the more you see it, the more you think it's cute. And the more you want one. Try rocking one this fall. 

Photo: Sincerely Jules


Fall Wardrobe Staples To Buy Right Now: Chain Bag

6. Chain Bag

These bags are perfect whether you're on-the-go running errands, or traveling light and exploring the city. After that? Bring them out to GNO or date night. They make any outfit instantly chic. It's a multi-purpose bag if you ask us. 

Photo: Margo and Me


Fall Wardrobe Staples To Buy Right Now: Brooches

7. Set of Brooches

You may have associated brooches with your grandmother when you were a kid. We hate to say it, but she was on to something. Dress up your scarves, jacket collars and lapels and even purses with a pretty brooch. PS - Denim jackets were cool for summer but are even cooler with a set of sparkly brooches. 

Photo: Where Did U Get That


Fall Wardrobe Staples To Buy Right Now: Tassel Earrings

8. Tassel Earrings

Statement earrings are a serious staple this year, and that doesn't change for the season. Tassel earrings are not only super fun, but they help you look polished and put together in zero time - so make sure you always have a versatile pair ready to go. Tassels are huuuge this fall - dress them up or down.


Fall Wardrobe Staples To Buy Right Now: Bell Sleeves

9. Bell Sleeves

What dreams are made of! We think anyway. Who doesn't love a beautiful bell sleeve... especially with ruffles? Not only are they easy to wear with your favorite pair of jeans or a leather skirt, but they'll look good in all your instagram photos too. From every angle. 

Photo: Not Your Standard


Fall Wardrobe Staples To Buy Right Now: Berry Lips

10. Berry Lips

We can't forget about that bold lip for fall! Don't have time in the morning to get ready or find yourself looking a little drab throughout the day? Add a bright or deep berry color to your lips and you're good to go! Plus, if it makes us look anything like Cara Delevigne, we're in. 

Photo: Pinterest

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