City Style: What I wore traveling in Asia

I just got back from a week-long trip abroad in Asia with our jewelry designer, Clarissa! It was a jam-packed itinerary, with visiting business partners, traveling between Hong Kong and China, and attending a convention. On a business trip, it's always essential to pack light and keep it versatile.

Here are a few of the looks I wore, paired with some of my most-worn jewelry styles, as well as travel tips and highlights.

Comfy & Casual

For days spent running around, and traveling in airports, comfort is key. I could’ve opted for a coordinated sweatsuit, but felt that a tailored short and simple tank felt a little more put together (also, it was WAY too hot in Asia for that). To keep the cool but casual vibe, sneakers, and baseball hat, and our chunky Icon Hoops finished the look. 

Comfy & Casual

Elevated on-the-go

I wanted to step it up and look a little more professional, but still remain comfortable in the humidity. A crisp black and white look with an oversized blazer and casual shorts felt right! It ended up being too hot to wear the blazer all day - but my luxe Bordeaux Stud earrings were all the shine I needed to feel polished. 

Elevated on-the-go

Booked & Busy

Another day spent at the convention meant another business look. I wore some neutral and comfortable pleated trousers (nice and lightweight), paired it with my blazer and white tee, and completed the outfit with my Felicity Drops. I can’t stop reaching for these lately… They pair so well with work looks, evening outfits, and casual ones too. Sunglasses finished the look - and hid my jetlagged eyes!! 

Booked & Busy

My 5 travel tips for visiting Asia

1. Embrace lightweight materials

A tropical climate calls for breathable fabrics. I opted for materials like cotton to stay cool in the humid weather. Loose-fitting clothes also help to beat the heat!

2. Mix-and-match

It’s so much easier to maximize outfit options (and keep luggage light) when you stick to a capsule wardrobe. I stuck to versatile neutral pieces that could be dressed up or down, allowing me to create different looks with fewer items. It also helps to borrow clothes from your travel companions ;)

3. Cute and comfy footwear

I spent a lot of time on my feet! I knew this would be the case, so I was sure to pack comfortable sneakers with good arch support that still looked polished paired with my business wear. 

4. Don't forget the accessories

Bringing a variety of simple and statement jewelry, and other accessories like sunglasses, belts, and hats, can really elevate your look. Small details can make a big difference in your style, and to keep repeated outfits feeling fresh. 

5. Stay hydrated and breezy

If you’re not used to a hot and humid climate, it can quickly make you feel even more jet-lagged! I highly recommend packing a small reusable water bottle and portable travel fan - they’re especially helpful in airports and transit. 

A few more highlights

Our time at the jewelry and gem show was incredibly inspiring. There’s so much technology development and innovation happening all the time, and we picked up a few new ways to improve our own processes!

Jewelry & gem show

Seeing the jewelry molds was so interesting! It wasn’t my first time of course, but it’s a great reminder of all the work that goes into crafting pieces. 

Jewelry base molds

We ate quite a few delicious meals while we were abroad! Most of the restaurants and street vendors didn’t speak English in China, but in Hong Kong I was able to practice my Cantonese (and use English as a backup when I forgot the words...).

Here's one of my and Clarissa's favorite Hong Kong breakfast dishes - Pineapple Buns (菠蘿包) and Milk Tea ()!

A meal out

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