5th Anniversary Collection with Tania + 5 Years of Sparkle

The final piece of our 5th anniversary collection is created olive + piper founder, Tania Yan. You've probably gotten to know her pretty well through our Instagram stories, but if you haven't yet, you'll want to read this interview

As a special treat for reaching the 5 year mark, Tania's taking us down memory lane to give us a glimpse of some of her favorite memories. She started olive + piper in 2012 for 2 reasons: to challenge herself to start an online business and as an outlet for her to share the accessories she loves to wear with other people. 

Take a look at her special anniversary piece and then enjoy a ride down memory lane!



olive + piper x @taniasyan


Tell us about the piece of jewelry you designed!

I love a good statement piece. I'm pretty lazy when it comes to coordinating outfits most of the time so I end up wearing something simple and accessorizing with different jewelry! The Eyes on Me Y-Necklace is dressy and luxe at first glance, but if you pair it with a casual outfit, it's pretty killer. I wanted this piece to make you feel confident, beautiful and powerful when worn. It's going to make people notice you, but that doesn't phase you because you know you look good and you're too busy to care. All girls should feel like that. 

What's your favorite way to wear this necklace?

With a deep v-neck top or sweater, cropped jeans and cool shoes. I think it would look pretty with a cocktail dress or evening gown too.


olive + piper Eyes on Me Statement Y Necklace





[June 2012] Thoughts about an online business begin.... and a brand. I swear they all sounded good at the time. Now I'm just embarrassed. (face palm)

olive + piper business name brainstorming

[ July 24, 2012 ] Signed up for a website. olive + piper it is!

 [ August 1 2012 ] You're not legit until you're on Instagram. Here's our first post. 

olive + piper's first instagram post


[ October 2012 ] We are LIVE! I am so anxious I can't decide if I should announce this to my friends or keep it a secret. The first order comes in from a customer named Benita and is shipped in our signature metallic mailer.

olive + piper's first packaging


[ February 2013 ] I get an email from a local online publication asking if they can feature me and olive + piper in their magazine. I feel cool. 

olive + piper feature in framework magazine


[ March 2013 ] This is what our instagram feed looks like.

olive + piper's first instagram feed


[ December 2013 ] The holiday's are coming and a pop-up shop sounds like a good idea. So we set one up.... at home.

[ February 2014 ] We get a mint watch (yup, we had watches) featured in O magazine and it sells out and the people want more. I think I made it. 

[ April 2014 ] The site gets an update. Ta-da!

olive + piper's original website


[ April 10 2014 ] olive + piper is officially incorporated and we get our first cease and desist letter for a piece purchased from a wholesaler. I freak out and think I'm going to go to jail.

[ September 2014 ] The National Ballet of Canada reaches out and wants to sell our jewelry in their boutique. Whaaaat!

[ October 2014 ] Emily aka the beautiful model everyone asks about joins olive + piper. (Who remembers?!) We are now a team of two. 

[ January 2015 ] Oliver interviews to be my dog and gets accepted. We are now a team of two and a puppy. Here's Emily and Ollie.  

olive + piper Oliver and Emily


[ March 2015 ] We start designing our own pieces and have no idea how or what we're doing but we try anyways.

olive + piper's first designs


[ May 2015 ] The ladies at the Fairmont Pacific Rim's Lobby Lounge start wearing our pieces as part of their uniform. 

[ September 2015 ] I give a presentation at Blogpodium with Gloria Chik about the Power of Visual Branding and think I might faint. I think it went well. 

[ July 10 2015 ] We get 15 seconds of fame on CBS' The Talk. 

[ December 2015 ] Our feature in The Every Girl goes live. 

Tania Yan featured on the every girlPhoto by Nadia Hung Photography


[ February 2016 ] I take a trip overseas to visit the factories where our jewelry is made and to indulge in their culture. 

olive + piper visits factories


[ June 2016 Our logo and branding gets an upgrade. 

olive + piper's brandingPhoto by Amy Teixeira Photography


[ October 2016 ] We've moved to a bigger space! Hello new office.

olive + piper office


[ February 2017 ] Clarissa joins olive + piper as a designer, all the way from Brazil!

[ May 2017 ] Marisa joins olive + piper for social media and blogging and we wonder why she's never eaten an orange until now. 


[ June 2017 ] The first collection launches with the new team and it's our signature Luxe Collection


[ October 2017 ] WE'RE FIVE and we launched a special anniversary collection with 5 girls!

olive + piper founder Tania Yan

[ Get Tania's Eyes On Me Necklace ]


  • Emily

    The best!!! I’m so proud of you Tania, you deserve all the success. One of the most hardworking girlbosses I know, xoxo

  • Ally Gradley

    What an amazing journey!!! Congrats on FIVE years Tania!


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