5th Anniversary Collection with Hoang-Kim Cung

We first got to know Hoang-Kim when she was Miss Nebraska in 2015. Aside from being a beauty with brains, she's also a TV journalist who loves storytelling. When we're not trying to copy her outfits, we're watching her while reporting at work... live on Instagram live! (Super cool guys!)



olive + piper x @hkcung collaboration

What does a typical day look like for you?

I work full time as a TV Journalist for a local news station, so every day can be drastically different. However, I start my morning off with a quick meditation, then get to work on my blog. I love responding to Instagram comments and interacting with my readers. Then, I'll put together my story pitches for work before heading into the station, knowing the whole day can completely change before I go live for the newscast! It's always a hustle and a whirlwind. 

How did you get started in blogging? 

I started in college when my friends would ask for a single place to see my outfits to serve as inspiration. I always dress to impress since I believe you never know who you could run into or meet! Plus, I believe fashion shows the world who you are. I really started to take my blog seriously in 2015 and it's been absolutely incredible how much it's grown since then! 

Tell us about the piece of jewelry you designed!

Everything I could want in an earring is in the Saigon Tassel Earrings! Feminine, whimsical and romantic, yet neutral and wearable no matter what occasion you're going to. These earrings feature different shades of mauves and pinks, my favorite colors to wear. Adorned with a pearl for sophistication, let these draw attention to your beautiful face no matter where you go. 

What's your favorite way to wear these earrings? 

I'm all about being sharp while also being feminine. These earrings let me be romantic, fun and flirty while also meaning business with a sharp blazer and heels. However, I'm also all about dresses and with the crisp temps, a sweater dress is perfect with these earrings, too!

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olive + piper x @hkcung collaboration


What's your go-to outfit?

I have two! For work, it would be a power dress. This would be a form-fitting sheath dress, preferably with 3/4 sleeves in red or yellow. When I'm not in front of the camera reporting or anchoring, I love to wear floral dresses with heels or anything with bell sleeves. No matter what, I always always wear earrings!

A funny moment in your career?

Oh my goodness, there are so many to choose from! One time, I went live ahead of a hurricane on the Outer Banks in North Carolina. It was late, I was tired and I had to shoot multiple stand-ups, which is the part of the story where the reporter talks directly to the camera. Not only did I have to film multiple stand-ups for my station, but I had to film them for our sister stations too. I'm pretty sure it took me a solid 15 minutes because I was just having one of those evenings where I couldn't talk and I was trying to remember the "branding" for each station. My photojournalist and I ended up laughing it off and I even made a blooper reel, ha! 

olive + piper x @hkcung collaboration

What did you want to be when you were little?

Growing up, I've always wanted to be a journalist. My whole family immigrated to the U.S. from Communist Vietnam where there isn't freedom of speech. That oppression drove them to be active and informed upon moving to Texas. Them watching the news inspired me to be a storyteller because the world will always need good storytellers who are after the truth.

Random fact about you?

I love all coffee, but Cafe sua da, Vietnamese iced coffee is my absolute favorite!

Favorite way to unwind?

Watch episodes of The Flash or Supergirl.

Favorite food?

Pho, aka Vietnamese noodle soup is hands down my favorite. 

Where do you want to travel to next?

I'm pretty darn excited to be traveling to PyeongChang, South Korea to attend the 2018 Winter Olympics! Go Team USA!

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olive + piper x @hkcung collaboration

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