5th Anniversary Collection with Bella Bucchiotti

Bella is beautiful, adventurous, so so so sweet and funny! We love following her for the places she travels to and for those constant wanderlust photos... but also for her amazing food and baking recipes. She's a bundle of fun and that's what olive about her!


olive + piper x @bellabucchiotti collaboration

What does a typical day look like for you?

I work from home, so most days when I am not traveling you will find me there. I like to exercise, so I try to fit that in every day. I often am out creating content for my blog and social media, so that would mean a photoshoot somewhere around where I live or while I am out traveling.
How did you get started in blogging? 
In high school I posted photos of my food creations and outfits on Instagram on a regular basis. After graduating, I started my blog to express my love of photography and I have been working full time creating 3 to 5 blog posts a week since. My goal is to use my blog to be a place where others can get travel and photo inspiration, explore their personal style, and find easy, mostly healthy recipes to try at home.

Tell us about your design and what you like about it?

I designed a simple three piece necklace set that is inspired by the milky way, called The Milky Way Necklace Trio. I love stargazing, so this necklace has details that are inspired by the stars, moon and planets plus it has a little sparkle.

What's your go-to outfit to pair with this necklace set?

Mostly jeans and a v-neck sweater with this necklace!

olive + piper x @bellabucchiotti collaboration

How would you describe your style? 

I am not one to wear much jewelry and anything I do wear is typically simple, which is how I designed this necklace. I dress very casually - usually jeans and a cozy sweater this time of year.

Tell us about an awkward moment in your career!
I seem to have an abundance of awkward and funny moments. Often they involve me changing outfits for photo shoots in public places. I have no shame.
What did you want to be when you were little?
When I was little I wanted to be a baker.
Hidden talent?
I figured skate and still try to get to the arena to skate for exercise when I can. I wish I got there more!

olive + piper x @bellabucchiotti collaboration

Favorite way to unwind?
I love getting outdoors whether it is for a run or a walk with my dog. Fresh air always clears my mind, helps me relax and puts me in a better mood.
Happy hour drink of choice?
Am I boring if I say tea is my favourite drink? It is a toss up with coffee, but tea comforts me and can make any hour a happy hour for me.
Where have you traveled to that is a must go?

I just recently went to northern Norway and it was amazing! I would suggest a trip there for sure.


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olive + piper x @bellabucchiotti collaboration


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