Accessory Trend Report: 5 Trends to Try this Fall

It's that time of year again, those busy months of New York Fashion Week which falls into London Fashion Week, Milan Fashion Week, and finally Paris Fashion Week. With so much going on it can be easy to forget the special details of what to look for this fall and the key accessories to grab so you are ahead of the trends. With so many amazing looks to take off the runway here are our favourite trends to look out for and how to make them your own on a budget. 

For Fall 2016, there were trends from cool 90s minimalism to over-the-top bejeweled statement pieces - something everyone can enjoy! Here are the season's biggest trends:

1. 90s Minimalist

5 fall trends to try right now: 90's Minimalist | olive + piper

If we weren't already bringing back the 90's with satin slip dresses and mom's high waisted jeans, another 90's trend we are liking is the minimalist look that designers like Creatures Of The Wind are bringing back. With baubles and pipeline details, this trend is easy to style from day to night.

Shop: Double Orb Choker, $28 USD // Stassi Pearl Hoop Earrings, $28 // Barred Cuff Bracelet, $24

2. Pearly Whites

5 fall trends to try right now: Pearls | olive + piper

Just like last spring, pearls were the must-have of the season, and they're not slowing down as they transition into fall. What we took note of was the cluster of pearls we say, not a minimalist look but a statement that will have you feeling fun and classy all day. 

Shop: Ella Pearl Collar, $42 // Mila Pearl Cluster Ring, $34 // Luxe Cluster Studs, $38 // Ophelia Cuff Bracelet, $34 // Pearl Pendant, $28


3. Fringe For Her

5 fall trends to try right now: Fringe | olive + piper

If there's one accessory we love it's the tassel and fringe effect. From short tassels to extra long like the Nina Ricci fashion show, we have so many different tassels to make everyone's heart skip a beat. We especially love our Brooke Tassel which is just so on trend!

Shop: Eden Fringe Earrings, $34 // Gold Fringe Drops, $34 // Brooke Tassel Necklace, $34 // Claire Tassel Necklace, $38


4. Groundbreaking Florals

5 fall trends to try right now: Florals | olive + piper

We all know the infamous quote "Florals for Spring? Groundbreaking" we took note, don't worry Miranda Priestly but what about florals for fall?! This season we see over the top floral displays that are actually quite... groundbreaking. We love a good floral accessory so here are our favs at o+p.  

Shop: Gardenia Floral Necklace, $36 // Daisy Crystal Bracelet, $28 // Dahlia Necklace, $28 // Daisy Studs, $20 // Tortoise Daisy Necklace, $36


5. Choker Crush

5 fall trends to try right now: Chokers | olive + piper

If it isn't obvious already, chokers have made a huge comeback! We mean HUGE! They're all over the runways for Fall '16 and they are still going strong for Spring '17. Safe to say this trend is here for awhile. Taking some inspiration from Dries Van Noten's fashion show, here are our favorite chokers including our popular velvet look. 

Shop: Thick Velvet Choker, $22 // Red Leather Choker, $20 // Gigi Crystal Choker, $28 // Isla Pearl Choker, $32 // Wrap Me Up Choker, $22


What are your favourite styles for Fall? Tell us below! xx

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