How to Wear All White

#WHITEONWHITEONWHITE is the new trend in town! The "No White for Guests" rule at weddings is losing its steam. Wearing white after Labour Day is so not a faux-pas. And with increasing popularity of events like Diner en Blanc, wearing all white is a trend that's not going away any time soon. (And we're totally okay with that.)

It's hard to go wrong in an all-white ensemble. The palette is a blank canvas. There's nothing you can't do. So you wanna know how we like to rock the all white look without looking like a try-hard? Yes, please! 

We rounded up our favorite white pieces to create 4 different all white looks and added the olive + piper touch. And the best part? We kidnapped our founder to be our model for the day! 

How to Wear All White: The Romantic 

Get the look:

  • - Pair your all-white ensemble with white and gold accessories for that modern, feminine look. Top it off with a pair of statement drop earrings and pull your tresses back to give them the spotlight.
  • - Sometimes, more is more. Especially true when adding accessories to a monochromatic look.
  • - Throw on an arm party! But stick with the theme and avoid adding too many colors to keep the simplicity of the look.
  • - Keep your make-up natural and simple - let your outfit do all the talking.
Featured Accessories:


    How to Wear all White: The GirlBoss

    Get the look: 

    • - Pair your blazers with a edgy and daring pieces and you get yourself a Vogue-worthy look. 
    • - Play up your jewelry while keeping your outfit simple yet interesting with a mixture of white-on-white details. 
    • - Mix it up by pairing different lace patterns and textures together. You'll be pleasantly surprised!
    • - Keep the tone of your accessories consistent throughout, but you can still be playful. Use different stones and elements together. It's A-OK to wear pearls with crystals and brassy chains with dainty golds.  
    Featured accessories:
    Necklace Anastasia Floral Necklace


    How to Wear All White: The Sweetheart

    Get the look: 

    • - A party outfit doesn't always have to be flashy. We love the simplicity of this dress and its playful and sweet vibe.
    • - Keep it clean with a pair of white shoes, or opt for a pair that's light and neutral - like silver or nude - for a little contrast. 
    • - Layering is not only for dainty pendant necklaces. Because of the simplicity of this look, there's room to layer on statement necklaces with heavier pendants. 
    • - Want to keep your accessories minimalistic? We agree. The Marbled Elements collection is the perfect edgy and organic finishing touch. 
    Featured accessories:
    Necklace Manhattan Tassel Necklace, Tribeca Drop Necklace
    Bracelets & Cuff Brooklyn Howlite Cuff, Harper Bracelets
    Earrings Hyde Howlite Studs


    How to Wear All White: The Boyfriend 

    Get the look:

    • Sometimes, we like to kick it back and relax. An all white, casual ensemble can look completely effortless and super chic.
    • Add dimension and details with ripped denim, or a top with textured panels or ribbing. 
    • Mix casual with feminine elements by pairing pearls and vintage baroque jewels. Play with different lengths and metals. 

    We've shown you how we (and our founder) like to wear white. Now tell us which white style suits you best! Tag your #whiteonwhiteonwhite outfit and jewelry looks with #oliveandpiper. We want to see how your rock the white canvas! 

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