3 Ways to Wear a Necklace in Your Hair

It's the peak of summer which means outdoor parties and wedding season! What better reason do you need to get glammed up and deck yourself in jewels? (Although we never need a reason!) Last time on the blog, we showed you how to wear jewelry in your hair. This time, we're showing you how your necklaces can do double duty for you - on your neck, and way up top!

Sparkle in your tresses can turn a simple every day hairstyle to an effortless, party-ready look in a few minutes. We believe a little sparkle can go a long way, so round up your favorite necklaces and try these 3 ways to wear a necklace in your hair. Don't forget the hairspray and bobby pins, girl! 


We love messy beach hair - but it's not always polished enough for a fancy affair. You don't have to feel bad about bringing your barely-there hair as your plus-one. Just use a necklace as a crown and you'll enchant every person you walk by.We won't tell anyone it only took you a few minutes to look this good.

{ DO THE DO }  Hairspray the roots of your hair and tease it for extra oomph, especially if you have fine hair. Curl the ends with a curling iron to create loose waves. Place the necklace in place and secure it with bobby pins on both sides - through the chain or jump rings. Play around with where you part your hair for different looks.

Featured necklace: Firefly Crystal Necklace



The Bohemian look is the perfect substitute for your favorite flower crown, and the best part is it'll never look too faux or wilt on you. Besides, bees have this thing with fresh flowers and #aintnobodygottimeforthat when you're looking cute with your glass of rosé.  

{ DO THE DO }  Tease and hairspray the crown of your head to make a puff and place your necklace backwards. Small bib necklaces or strands work best for this look. Secure with bobby pins through the loops both at the top and at the bottom, et voila! You've got boho-chic totally down.

Featured necklace: Medallion Necklace.


If top-knots and sock buns were a thing back then, this is how Princess Grace Kelly of Monaco would have worn hers to the royal gala. This hairstyle is instant Belle of the Ball status.

{ DO THE DO }  Follow this step-by-step tutorial on how to make a donut bun. Choose a long necklace and loop the strand around your bun and secure it under the bun with bobby pins. Let the rest hang. Since your hair is up, you'll need a pair of statement earrings to complete the look and kick the wow factor up a notch!

Try one of these styles and tag us on Instagram @oliveandpiper for a chance to be featured! We want to see your do! Thanks for hanging out with us - hope you love it! 


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