The Lazy Girl’s Guide to New Year Resolutions

If you’ve been like us over this holiday season, then you have probably gotten into the comfortable routine of over indulging in food, happily imbibing, and spending late nights out.  So what’s a girl to do when the New Year suddenly rolls around?  It beckons the making of lofty resolutions, like treating your body better or working harder… Yada yada yada.  But agonize no longer because we’ve got the Lazy Girl’s guide to three realistic New Year resolutions that we think we (and you!) will actually keep.

Image courtesy of VancityBuzz

We’re totally jumping on the juicing band wagon.  While a girl can’t be expected to give up her sweet tooth entirely or hit the gym as much as she would like, we’re hoping the fresh, cold-pressed juice’s “healthy” can counter all those weeks of holiday dinner “unhealthies” and beyond.  Packed with essential nutrients and easily customizable to your needs, grab some at your local juice bar (We love ours here and here).  Better yet, make one in your juicer at home (with these great recipes).  Treating your body well on a consistent basis shouldn’t be this delish and easy! 


In 2014 we would have sworn that the only way you could make us shut off the smartphone longer than a reboot was to pry it from our cold, dead hands.  But we’re making 2015 the year of less screen time and more book time.  We’ve got these five reads already lined up for cozying up (or perhaps lying under a palm tree) with in the upcoming months.

Show gratitude.  It can’t be that simple, can it?  Oh, but yes it can!  Research has shown that being grateful- being consciously thankful for what you already have- decreases stress and boosts the immune system.  We can definitely say “Thank you” for that!

Now how is that for easy and achievable New Year resolutions?  Can we say we told ya so?  Wishing you an amazing 2015!

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