Holiday Gift Guide For the Career Girl

Holiday Gift Guide: For the Career Girl
  1. These ipad sleeves say exactly what we think: “I Am Very Busy”
  2. It may be the digital age, but nothing beats some old school stationary for keeping organized
  3. A pretty recharger for the girl on the go
  4. Hey, they say time is money and money is time. Keep track of it with this rose gold number.
  5. Simple and versatile, this necklace is perfect for going from the office to a night out
  6. We <3 this iphone case
  7. A girl’s gotta network. Corral those business cards in a monogram case.
  8. Does the modern woman really need to be reminded that she is “Magnifique”? No, but it sure makes some great art.
  9. Whether it’s keeping time or making for some pretty table top décor, this clock does it just right!
  10. Rose studs for everyday wear because they are gorge and, why not?

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