Jewelry Organization and Storage

There was a time back in grade school when every little girl seemed to have it on their wish list: The dream jewelry box with the lid that opens up to a little ballerina twirling away to the tune of Swan Lake.  Fast forward a few decades later and we’re still nostalgic for that childhood piece.  This time around though, our wish list for jewelry storage requires something a little more practical, but just as much fun, to house the growing collection of big girl accessories.   

Tried, tested and true, the tray is the ultimate way to corral loose items and banish away the pitfalls of jewellery going “out of sight, out of mind”.  Available in a variety of sizes, shapes and materials, you can be sure to find one that fits in with your space and décor.  Our current favourites are acrylic trays for their streamlined versatility, and vintage silver ones to create pretty vignettes.


Image credit: Jillian Harris

Make accessorizing everyday feel like a shopping excursion by displaying your pieces on actual jewelry display stands.  They are surprisingly affordable and make your bling look like a million bucks!  Pick some up at your local craft store and have your baubles do double duty as fabulous décor when they are not being worn. 

We’re taking a page from the Queen of Organization herself, Martha Stewart, with her “Open Drawer Policy”:  Round up all those orphaned teacups, saucers, and little dishes and arrange them in a top drawer.  Give your new jewelry drawer a little bit of extra lux and to prevent the dishes from rattling by lining the drawer bottom with a sheet of velvet or pretty fabric before placing the cups and dishes on top.

Image credit: Martha Stewart


They don’t call it delicious eye candy for no reason!  There’s just something about cake and jewelry that both deserve to be displayed and admired on a stand.  For maximizing vertical storage, stack a few cake stands in tiers, or use an afternoon tea éclair stand for showing off all those beautiful baubles.  If you’re up for getting crafty, check out this easy-peasy DIY porcelain jewelry stand by one of our favourite lifestyle bloggers, Geneva Vanderzeil from A Pair and A Spare.   

Image Credit: A Pair and A Spare

Image Credit: Suburban Faux-Pas


The last but certainly not the least on our list is the acrylic drawer and/or box organizer; bonus points if you can score ones that are velvet lined.  These organizers don’t come cheap, but they’re worth every bit of the investment for their ability to pull their weight in amazing organization, keeping everything dust free, and blending in seamlessly into any décor.  Pick up a few to house those precious pieces that need gentler handling and deserve a bit of tender loving care.

Image Credit: Suburban Faux-Pas

Image Credit: Suburban Faux-Pas

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