Wedding Style: Something Blue

Traditionally, that “something blue” often took its form discreetly in bridal attire: An embroidered handkerchief tucked inside a purse; a pair of velvet shoes peeking out from under the hem of a dress; or a lace garter patiently waiting to be discovered.  But why keep your “something blue” under wraps?  Let it be the signature hue of your wedding day look with a statement jewellery piece.  From classic royals to the iconic Robin’s blue, here are some “Something Blues” that have us all ready to say “I do!”

Since Kate said yes to Wills and debuted the iconic Sapphire engagement ring, royal blue has never made a bigger impression on wedding jewellery.  A shade that is timeless and true to its namesake, royal blue is simply everything regal.

  1. Royal Blue Kate Earrings : The perfect combination of a classic tear-drop shape with maximum sparkle.
  2. Bellflower Studs : It’s all in the details with these delicate floral studs. Show them off with pulled back tresses.
  3. Double Blue Studs : Who can deny the genius of Dior? Since the style’s debut on the French atelier’s runway, these inspired earrings are the fashionista’s modern take on the classic pearl studs.


The roaring 1920’s may have been last century, but we are still hot for the glamorous era of art deco and Leonardo Dicaprio… or rather, we mean The Great Gatsby.

  1. Midnight Promenade Bib : Bring on the vintage glam with the deep, saturated jewel tones and faceted crystals. This piece is all the statement that you will need.
  2. Blue Pompon Studs : These feather earrings may be dainty, but they definitely will not be going unnoticed.
  3. Emma Royal Cuff : Take a style page out of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s world, this cuff is all you need to keep things elegant and also make a big impression.
  4. Fanned Echelon Necklace : Deep navy baguettes line a double row of clear crystals, this necklace has just the right details to make it elegant yet oh-so-bold!



Blue need not be always bold and deep.  Celebrate your big day with a shade that reflects an uplifting, light-hearted affair.

  1. Double Cinderella Studs : We are smitted by these powerdery blue studs with their sparkly pave front and luminous pearl backing. So perfect with a LWD!
  2. Candy Fan Pendant : Cool blue hues compliment a fan of light pinks and gold for a pretty splash of colour.   
  3. Blue Geo Strand : This necklace has Robin’s egg blue, gold, and sparkle. Need we say more?


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