How to Pick the Perfect Wedding Jewelry for your Dress

How to Pick the Perfect Wedding Jewelry for your Dress

Congrats, you're engaged! With so much going on, one of the last things on your mind may be choosing wedding jewelry to go with your dress. So how do you pick the perfect jewelry for your wedding? What styles work? Should you be more glamorous or just simple? 

We think there are a few essential things to consider when choosing jewelry to go with your dress and even your bridal party: style, color, budget and most importantly how it makes you feel! Follow along and we'll take you through them. :)


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There are endless styles of dresses, and the neckline plays a huge part in deciding what type of jewelry will go well with it! 

If you have a strapless or sweetheart wedding gown, your job is easy - anything goes well with it, whether it's a stand-out statement, or a simple pendant. Wider necklines (think boat neck and wide-v) pair with statement necklaces easily too! 

If your wedding dress has thicker straps, a high neck or a narrow v-neck, you'll want to be careful with some statement necklaces - they can look cluttered and over-bearing. If that's the case, try a delicate pendant necklace or rock a pair of glamorous statement earrings!




Most wedding dresses are white, but even a traditional white dress is not just white. There are different shades of white - and it's something to consider when choosing your jewelry.

For stark white dresses, or gowns with lots of silver beading, try jewelry with cooler tones and silver plating. > Shop our Silver Plated Jewerly

If your dress is a warm ivory or cream color, go for pieces with warmer tones and gold plating. > Shop our Gold Plated Jewelry


How to Pick Wedding Jewelry for your Dress: Gown Color 

olive + piper Bridal Jewelry and Wedding Jewelry



Up-dos are perfect for statement earrings, and also looks elegant with stud earrings or drops! If you're wearing a statement necklace though, you might want to choose earrings that won't over-power them. 

For down-dos, try playing up your neckline with a statement necklace and complimenting them with delicate stud earrings. If you won't be wearing a necklace and want your earrings to stand out, try a pair of longer statement earrings so they can sparkle through your tresses.

Don't forget that your hair can be accessorized too! Have a necklace or bracelet you love? How about fastening it in your hair? Get creative!


Bridal Hair, Wedding Hairstyles



Don't lose yourself during the mission to find your bling. The most important thing is to remember to dress for you! Choose something that suits your style and shows off your personality. You should feel comfortable and beautiful on your wedding day. Sometimes, a simple pearl necklace and studs is the best way to go and there's nothing wrong with that!


Bridal Jewelry and Wedding Jewelry



STILL STUCK?  We're here for you! Send us a message at and we'll help you get styled for your special day.


Bridal and Wedding Jewelry Styling

olive + piper Bridal Jewelry and Wedding Jewelry


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