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How to Pick the Perfect Wedding Jewelry for your Dress

How to pick the perfect wedding jewelry for your dress

Oooh, congratulations!! Having your partner pop the question is a really special and exciting moment. You get to plan your perfect wedding... which might consist of a lot of different things that can leave you feeling overwhelmed. But hey, it's completely normal, so don't fret!

One of the last things for a lot of brides is picking wedding jewelry to go with their dress. So how do you choose the perfect jewelry for your wedding? What colors work? Should you be more glamorous or simple? 

We have a few tips up our sleeve to help you find the perfect piece ;)


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Most wedding dresses are white, and of course there are some brides who have uniquely colored dresses to suit their style. But even a traditional white dress is not just white. There are different shades of white - and it's something to consider when choosing your jewelry.

How to Pick the Perfect Wedding Jewelry for your Dress: Pure White DressesSource: Pinterest


Pure White Dress: If your dress is a very bright stark white like those in the photos above, you'll want to try jewelry with cooler tones and silver plating.

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Warm White Dress: If your dress is a warmer ivory or cream color like those in the photos below, go for pieces with warmer tones and gold or rose gold hardware. 

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How to Pick the Perfect Wedding Jewelry for your Dress: Ivory Dresses
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How to pick the perfect wedding jewelry for your dress - consider necklinesSource: Paper Blog


There are endless types of necklines and it's a huge factor when choosing your wedding jewelry.

If your wedding dress has any of the following cuts, lean away from choosing a large statement necklace - this can turn out to look very cluttered and over-bearing. Instead, try a delicate pendant necklace or rock a pair of glamorous statement earrings!


  • Halter
  • Narrow V-Neck
  • Asymmetric
  • Thick straps
  • Queen Anne
  • Illusion
  • High Neck

Wider necklines like boat neck, wide or deep v-neck compliment statement necklaces well. We find that strapless wedding gowns are the easiest to style - anything goes whether it's a stand-out statement, or a simple pendant. 


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How to Pick the Perfect Wedding Jewelry for your Dress: Statement Bridal Jewelry


Whether your hair is up or down can help you decide what kind of jewelry you'll be rocking down the aisle.

Up-dos: Perfect for a pair of statement earrings, but it also looks elegant and chic paired with stud earrings or drops! What you wear will depend on your dress and necklace - if you're wearing a statement necklace, you'll want to choose earrings that won't over-power them. This also works if your hair is down, but pulled away from your face.

Hair Down: If your hair is down and covering your ears, you may want to play up your neckline with a statement necklace and compliment them with delicate stud earrings. However if you won't be wearing a necklace and want your earrings to stand out, try a pair of longer statement earrings so they can sparkle through your tresses.

Don't forget that your hair can be accessorized too! Have a necklace or bracelet you love? How about fastening it in your hair? Get creative!

Wedding Hair Styles for the Bride
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If you've left your jewelry to the last minute, budget is probably on your mind. After all of the planning, invitations, favors, decor and flowers you might not want to fork out a few hundred dollars on jewelry - for yourself, your bridesmaids or mother of the bride. Luckily, you've got a lot of options, girl!

  • Budget Friendly Jewelry: You can definitely find pretty pieces on a budget at shops like Charming Charlie and Icing. They have a great selection of jewelry (and accessories as well) in basic styles you can't go wrong with, especially at those prices. If jewelry isn't a big deal to you and you just want something to wear for the day (and maybe a few special occasions after), these are great places to look.
  • Affordable Jewelry: If you've got a little extra room to sparkle, we can help you out! We have a lot of wedding statement jewelry that are well loved with brides and bridesmaids for their beautiful sparkle and still affordable prices. An added plus? A lot of the pieces are versatile enough that you can continue wearing them causally or to date night. 
  • Luxury Jewelry: If sky's the limit, the world is your oyster! There are a lot of stunningly beautiful designer pieces you can find with Swarovski crystals, luminous pearls, and gemstones that you'll cherish for a long time. A couple of our favorite are Elsa Cori and BHLDN. But of course, diamonds are a girl's best friend - so if you can and want to, fine jewelry is always an option!


Don't lose yourself during the mission to find your bling. The most important thing is to remember to dress for you! Choose something that suits your style and shows off your personality. You should feel comfortable and beautiful on your wedding day. Sometimes, a simple pearl necklace and studs is the best way to go and there's nothing wrong with that!

 How to Pick the Perfect Wedding Jewelry for your Dress

STILL STUCK?  We're here for you! Send us a message at and we'll help you get styled for your special day. 

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