National Puppy Day: For the love of dogs

It's National Puppy Day, and although Ollie is no longer a pup (in fact, he's 8.5 right now), our resident office dog and Chief Pet Officer deserves a little love! In celebration of the occasion, here's a little about Ollie. 

Ollie 2014 vs 2020Ollie as a puppy | Ollie as a responsible adult

About Ollie 

Full Name: Oliver Pedro Bean
Nickname: Ollie 
Born in: Mexico
Lives in: Vancouver
Mix: Beagle, spaniel, dachshund, chihuahua (so they say)
Occupation: Chief Pet Officer at O&P
Responsibilities: Giving hugs, making people smile, greeting visitors
Favorite color: Green
Likes: sleeping in patches of sun, my best friend peanut, long walks
Dislikes: fruits, puddles, the cold, when I can't see my mom
Random: People always say I look soft. I am! 

 Ollie at Work

National Puppy Day | Ollie your Valentine National Puppy Day | Ollie Packing Orders 
Can I be your Valentine? | Ollie packing orders

National Puppy Day | Lucy Necklace National Puppy Day | UPS Costume
Napping on the job | Hello, your package has arrived

 Ollie in front of the camera  

National Puppy Day | Ollie in a bowtie National Puppy Day | Ollie with Natalia

National Puppy Day | Ollie and Shelby

National Puppy Day | Ollie with chain necklace National Puppy Day | Ollie in a bowtie

National Puppy Day | Ollie and Liliyana


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