The Best of O&P

As 2022 comes to an end, we wanted to take a moment to recognize what a milestone this year was for us: we celebrated 10 years - a decade - in business! ✨ We know that without a doubt, this wouldn't be possible without YOU, and for that, we are truly humbled, grateful, appreciative, and thankful for your support.

Enjoy a trip down memory lane as we look back at some of the most popular (and retired!) O&P styles over the years. Recognize or own any of them? 💎

O&P Styles Through the Last 10 Years
Best of Olive & Piper: 2014 - 2015
Best of Olive & Piper: 2015 - 2016
Best of Olive & Piper: 2017
Best of Olive & Piper: 2017 - 2018
Best of Olive & Piper: 2018 - 2019
Best of Olive & Piper: 2019
Best of Olive & Piper: 2019 - 2021


  • Cheryl wstson

    Please bring back the Madison bracelets from 2015. That was before I found you in 2022-2023. Thanks

  • Anupa

    Agreeing with another comment, please bring back some of the statement earrings specifically the Madagascar earrings in white!! They were so stunning and I really want a pair (as do many others). A mix of small & statement earrings in general would be the way to go!

  • Taylor

    I need the Botanique earrings!

  • Candice

    How neat to be able to see these designs! Please bring back the Monaco earrings! I was planning on buying them but sadly they sold out and then disappeared before I got the chance too. I love the Copacabana earrings. And I would love to see more statement necklaces like these too.

  • Kristina

    Would really like to see a shift back to the statement earrings and jewelry that were so popular for so long. Really not a fan of everything being small, petite and itty bitty. It’s hardly worth putting on because you can’t even see them. The statement pieces are so unique and beautiful and hard to find anywhere else. Small petite jewelry can be found everywhere. Really looking for at least a mix of both as you go into 2023! Thanks.

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