5 Online Shopping Tips for Conquering Black Friday

5 online shopping tips for conquering black friday | olive + piper

Last year we went over the basics of Get Your Shop On 101 for successfully tackling Black Friday and the crowds at the local mall. But for 2015, we’re fully embracing modern technology and going on the hunt from the comforts of home. After all, many retailers are making sure that their Black Friday sales are online and flow seamlessly through the weekend into Cyber Monday.

With all this convenience though, make no mistake about it: The war still wages on!  You will need to battle in getting what you want into that virtual shopping card before stock runs out, so we have prepped five pointers to help you ensure that those deals turn from virtual dreams to actual packages being delivered to your door.



Just like how you do not want to be aimlessly running around the mall, you don’t want to be randomly surfing the web on the day of the sales. Jot down that list of your top online retailers and browse each site so that you have a good idea of how products are categorized or found on there.


Once you have your list of fave stores, sign up for their newsletters (via email or their social media) so that you can receive notifications of special deals, promo codes, or new products as soon as they go up. Better yet, follow a deal blog. They have experts who will do all the leg work and have the latest info on pricing, promo codes and unadvertised offers all consolidated to one website for you. 


Take that extra step to prep your online retailer accounts. You certainly do not want to be wasting time during a sale with creating brand new login accounts, or re-entering your mailing address over the course of several purchases.


No one’s taking IOU’s, so make sure that credit card is paid up and good to go! 


At the end of the day, shopping should be enjoyable. Don’t sweat over missing out on certain items. Take on the mentality that “If it is meant to be, it’s meant to be”, and if it wasn’t, that means you didn’t have to spend that money. Now how is that for a half glass full?

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