6 Ways to Wear a Brooch

If the thought of wearing a brooch on a sweater reminds you of your grandma, we're about to change your mind. Brooches aren't a thing of the past - they're versatile and stylish. A fashion brooch with a good design can make an outfit look upscale and luxe by adding a sophisticated vibe. The best part? There's tons of creative ways to wear these pretty little things!

Here, we share our favorite ways on how to style a brooch.

1. Denim or Miltary Jacket

Who doesn’t love a worn-in denim jacket? This classic piece in your wardrobe becomes super stylish when you add a few brooches. Pin them on to mix luxe with casual, and voila! You’re done, baby!


2. Laptop Bag or Folio

Give a lifeless bag a second life by adding one or more brooches in a thoughtful cluster, or randomly placed for something more fun. Play around and make it totally unique to you!

3. Baseball Cap or Hat

Don’t be afraid to give this one a try - be adventurous and create your own look! We love adding some feminine sparkle and luxe with something casual and boyish like a cap.


4. Headwraps and Bandanas

Headbands, headwraps and bandanas are such a fun way to change up your hair, but how about taking them to the next level with a little more flare? Pin a couple of brooches to your headpiece for extra drama. Works best with thicker pieces. 


5. Light Scarf

Scarves are an easy way to accessorize in the spring and stay prepared for mother nature as temperatures can fluctuate. You can turn an ordinary scarf into an embellished and graceful conversation starter by adding a few brooches!

6. Mini Bag or Clutch

Bored of all your clutches, coin pouches or wallets? Revive and make them new again by adding a pretty brooch. Dress up canvas bags and even leather goods with a touch of charm. Just be mindful of materials so you don't leave unwanted holes! 


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  • Sonia

    Just add some to my demin jacket. Love it!

  • Randi

    Yesterday I went through my treasures and found several cute brooches. I put 3 on my denim jacket and the result is great! Makes me want to wear that jacket more often!

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