DIY Cookie Cutter Jewelry Trays with Aww, Sam

If you guys haven't met Aww, Sam yet, you're about to be mind-blown. We've been religiously stalking her super loyal fans of her creative mind and fun personality over on Instagram (@aww.sam) for a long time - and if you're not following yet, you should. Just a warning: expect donuts, pineapples, donuts, DIYs, sweet treats, donuts and a lot of color!! Sounds fun, right??

So naturally, we just HAD to be friends (and she said heck yeah!). We got in touch and whipped up this super cool DIY jewelry tray collaboration that you guys are going to LOVE. I mean, olive it so much! It's also super easy - Sam used the cutest cookie cutters (donuts and pineapples, duh) , and you can choose any shape you like and customize your colors to create something totally personalized or even a gift for your bestie.

Get the full DIY tutorial on Aww, Sam: DIY Cookie Cutter Jewelry Trays



Ready to give it a go? Head over to Aww, Sam for the step-by-step tutorial! Don't forget to tag us in your creations!! 

Photos by Sam

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