#OPinLUXE Collection

We had the absolute pleasure of working with some very amazing and talented people for our OPinLuxe lookbook. This collection is very special - it contains the first (of many!) pieces that are designed in-house, right here in Vancouver. The inspiration behind it is versatility. We wanted to create pieces that are glamorous and luxurious enough for a bride or wedding guest, yet cool enough to layer on and wear with jeans and a tee. The lookbook captures these 2 different and gorgeous looks perfectly, and we hope they show you the level of versatility and glamour that we envisioned. Enjoy!

-- Tania 

#OPinLUXE Part I: Wedding Lookbook

Firefly Crystal Collar / Cavalier Earrings / Petit Fleur Bracelet
Firefly Crystal Collar / Luxe Crystal CollarCavalier Earrings / Crystalline Bracelet Trio
Petit Fleur Bracelet / Crystalline Bracelet Trio
Firefly Crystal Collar
Firefly Crystal Collar
Hair and M/U: Tori Blush
Dresses: Truvelle Bridal
Models: Nalani Wakita, Tiffany Kawaja

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