Wear VS Decorate: In the Bedroom

"A woman's bedroom is her refuge, and her jewels her statement", so is it a wonder that their styles often seem so silimar?  Here are five Wear/Decorate inspiration boards for every girl.

* 1 *

Don’t mistake a penchant for neutrals to be anything boring.  This room and gems are all about those small luxurious details that give it that sophistication and polish! 

Wear vs Decor: Bright Whites

Earrings / Bracelet / Bedroom image courtesy of Decoholic

* 2 *

This is the space and jewels of a modern girl who knows that colour is what makes a space vibrant and an outfit come to life.

Wear vs Decorate: Colour Riche

Earrings / Ring 1 / Ring 2 / Bedroom image courtesy of Decoholic

* 3 *

The woman of whom this sumptuous decor belongs to is bold and elegant.  She believes in exactly who she is and isn’t afraid of letting anyone else know it too. 

Wear vs Decorate: Bold & Beautiful

Monogram Necklace / Earrings / Bedroom image courtesy of Decoholic

* 4*

 Packing up her suitcase and moving to Paris is what this girl dreams of!  She’s all about being in an environment and possessing pieces that are feminine, eclectic, and speak deeply to her. 

Wear vs Decorate: Whimsical

It’s all about form and function for this space and its accessories.  Sleek and contemporary is balanced with the warmth of personal details and texture.

 Wear vs Decorate: Contemporary

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