Fab Finds From Our Favourite Brands

You know that feeling when you discover a shopping gem, and as much as you want to save it all for yourself, you can’t help but blab about it to all your girlfriends?  Well, that’s exact how we feel about these five brands.  We’d apologize ahead of time for what these places may do to your pocketbook once you discover them, but hey, when it comes to sharing the joys of retail therapy, #sorrybutnotsorry. ;)

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How dreamy are these bouquets?  It’s Paris’ simple elegance, meets Scandinavian design, meets the colours of Barcelona.  The brainchild of Trevor Patterson, Landeau is making an art out of gifting flowers.  Forget waiting all the way till Valentine’s day, we’ll happily take one of each colour now, please!

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When a brand describes itself as being inspired by “disco balls, confetti cannons, and fizzy cocktails”, you know you are going to be addicted.  We love the way that Ban.do’s accessories infuse a dose of fun and vibrancy into the everyday.  Our current favourites are the giant gem speakers, But First Coffee thermal mug, and canvas totes.

Olive + Piper Crystalline Bracelet Trio / Skirt by

We used to think that tulle was reserved for ballerinas and brides, that was only until we met Space 46 Boutique where “any day is a good day for a tulle skirt”.  After dressing our skirt up for a night out and then down for a day around town, we couldn’t agree more. 

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Our go-to for sophisticatedly whimsical party decorations, it makes us wonder how we ever managed to throw an event before without the Midas touch of The Confetti and Co.


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The best of typography meets fun and inspirational quotes at Ashley Brooke Designs.  We have a few of these mugs in the kitchen on rotate as the quotes fit our mood.    

 Do you have a favourite brand that you can’t live without and would like to share?  Tell us!

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