Wrapping It Up

Remember Frauline Maria from the infamous The Sound of Music singing “Brown paper packages tied up with string, These are a few of my favourite things!”?  Well we totally do and agree with her too!  Whether you’re almost close to finishing off that Christmas shopping list or not, consider the humble brown paper to package those gifting goodies.  With a little bit of creativity (and perhaps some help from Pinterest), your friends and family are going to be impressed without even having to open up their gifts!  Now how’s that for nicely wrapping it up?

Image courtesy of Jones Design Company

{Luxe Bow}  Oh what an oversized ribbon in a sumptuous fabric can do for a simple package.  We love this monochrome theme with the elegant gift tags! 

Image courtesy of Nicety

{Postcard/Photo}  Use postcards from a recent getaway, or have photos printed to use as a fantastic topper that can be kept long after the gifts have been opened. 

Image courtesy of She Paperie

{Washi Tape}  This has to be one of the best materials to have come from the crafting world for non-crafters.  With endless patterns to choose from, Washi tape just makes things simply look that good.  

Image courtesy of Design Rulz

{Greenery}  Include a sprig of pine, rosemary or mistletoe to your packages for a festive outdoorsy look. 

Image courtesy of The Perfect Palette

{Splash of Colour}  Who says the winter holidays are only about red and green?  Be bold and run with a theme that makes you excited!  We love this splash of pink and gold against the brown paper wrap for a burst of unexpected colour. 

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