Birthday Bash: olive + piper x She Is Clothing

On the 2nd day of celebrations, o+p gave to me.... a sparkly necklace and an Elle Est Forte top. She Is Clothing is a brand we hold close to our hearts (and to our home too!). We love their inspirational tops, especially the original, "Elle est forte" shirt - She is Strong, Proverbs 31. Sometimes, we all need a little reminder of what gives us strength and keeps us going. Oh, and a little sparkle too!

She is Clothing Top / Lucy Crystal Collar

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Contest ends October 22 at 11:59pm PST. Open to Canada and US only.   


  • Angela

    my mom. Having confidence in yourself and being positive by keeping a smile on my face : >

  • Erin

    She is strong even when life throws a curve ball

  • Angelina

    What inspires me is the beautiful hearts of my friends and mentors. Women who pour into me and guide me through life’s mountain highs and valley low experiences show me that everything I go through is an experience. The experience could be a life lesson or a life blessing, what I choose to do with it will mold me into the person I choose to be.
    And what gives me strength, Jesus. He created me and knows every bit of my heart. He knows my strengths, weaknesses, my desires. He knows the tenderest parts of me and yet despite all my weaknesses and how broken I am, He still loves me and continues to love me. His love for me is relentless.

  • Cicely

    My inspiration and strength comes from not only the people in my life but the hardships and challenges many other people, along with myself, have managed to overcome! Past successes truly are the best reminders that anything is possible if you put your time, energy and mind to it.

  • Kim Pincombe Cole

    My husband inspires me and gives me strength! He encourages me & supports me in all my (sometimes) crazy endeavors and has gifted me with 2 beautiful children!

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