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Pick of the Glitter: The Alexis Ear Cuff Set


The ear cuff used to bring to mind images of the grunge era and rebellious youths, but those days are long gone.  This new and updated ear candy, like the Alexis Ear Cuff set, is still all about accessible street style, but with an infusion of high-fashion glam!  So how do you wear such a statement piece, and to where, you may ask?  As non-conformist as this accessory is, it’s surprisingly versatile and may quickly become your favourite pick of the glitter!

Take it to the streets by incorporating some big sparkle into everyday wear.  A cotton T, some sunnies, and… an ear cuff!  Could making an ear cuff look so good really be so effortless and easy?  We think so!

Image Credit: Samy Road
Image Credit: Chic Obsessions
Image Credit: Chic Obsessions

 Sometimes you just have to let something so bold and so amazing hold its own: Let the crystal studded ear cuff shine by keeping the rest of the outfit streamlined and monochrome.  For such an unconventional piece, pairing it with classic items of clothing makes for an unexpected but oh-so-chic look.

Image Credit: Harpers Bazaar
Image Credit: No Style Gic
Image Credit: Chic Obsessions
Image Credit: Chic Obsessions

And of course with this size and level of bling, the embellished ear cuff is a piece that cannot be denied a debut with a hot dress and a night out to town.    

Image Credit: Chic Obsessions

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