4 Ways to Rock the Double Studs

Finding a way to get our hands on some double studs like the Stenmark Twins does not come easy, but lucky for us, the 21st century woman can accessorize with her own set of double studs without having to count on the male species.

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Ever since the house of Dior had its models strut down the runway with this fab over-sized accessory, the double studs have been the fashionista’s modern take on classic pearls. It’s so glam, yet so versatile, and best of all, there are several ways to wear it... you just don't know it yet! (But you're about to.)


Wear them as-is. They’re the perfect piece to take you from a morning at the office straight to dinner and dancing at night, while keeping you looking stylish, fabulous and totally classy.

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 Loving how @tamtuts wears her Cinderella Double Studs.


Have more than one pair? Then you'll love this - mix and match different fronts and backs to create a brand new set! We love this idea - the more the merrier, right? 

Need to conceal your stylish demeanor? (Only for a split second, we hope.) On the occasions that you need to tone it down to a more traditional look, put a regular backing on the studs to create a pair of classic stud earrings. 

Get ready, because this might be our favorite one yet! Take a peek in your jewelry box and find your favorite studs. Give them a refresh by pairing them with an over-sized bauble backing. Who would have thought? 

And there you have it - 4 equally awesome and stylish ways to rock your double stud earrings. We know what we'll all be doing later today. Jewelry box and selfies, here we come!

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