Summer Tropics

Summer may not be officially here, but it sure feels like it... and we want to make sure you've got all your fashion essentials to dive right in! It's the time of the year where playing with color and patterns have no limit. So let's share our style tips and have some fun, shall we? 


Anastasia Necklace / Paradise Bib Necklace

- The easiest way to wear bright statements is paired with neutrals. Think black, whites and even pastels
- Up your neutral pieces with texture. Pair a colorful statement with a lace top
- Or flip it around - wear bright and bold tops with neutral, monochromatic statements


    Blue Fan Fare Necklace / Esmeralda Necklace

    - Here's something new to try - pair your statement pieces with a top of the same color
    - Opt for jewelry and clothing in the same hues and shades


    Jolie Earrings / Tropicana Bib Necklace

    - Pair colorful statements with bright contrasting or complimentary colors for unexpected boldness
    - For multi-colored pieces, pick the color you want to accent and wear a top of the same color
    - Keep your tops solid to avoid having too much going on. You don't want to be hard on the eyes!


    Garden Party Necklace / Flamingo Fan Fare Necklace

    - Take your colorful pieces and pair them up against clothing with muted or subtle patterns
    - Looks exceptionally chic with slight darker tops or dresses


    Secret Garden Necklace / Blue Fan Fare + Esmeralda 

    - Pair larger statements necklaces with statement strands or pieces with less dangle and length
    - For a subtler look, opt for a colorful long pendant and layer with dainty pendants in gold or silver

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