DIY: Painted Mason Jars

You might love or loathe the whole mason jar movement, but you have to admit you can do a heck of a lot with a simple glass jar. And we've seen it all. For a vase, supplies, make-up brushes, cotton balls and Q-tips. Filled with candy. Baking mix. Lights. Candles. You name it. It's been done. Perhaps you can even use it to store homemade jam. ;)
We've received a lot of comments about how we made our golden jars so here's a quick tutorial! 
> Mason Jar, or any glass container
> Spray paint - we used Krylon craft enamel in Gold Leaf
> Something to cover your floor
> Pretty things to put inside your jar
    1. Cover your working area with newspaper to protect it
    2. Place clean and dry mason jars upside down
    3. And SPRAY! 

    Spray paint can collect quickly, so keep moving while you spray (and by that, we mean the paint can. But if you want to dance, we're cool with that too!) We also used 2 coats of paint for better coverage. And that's it! If you're looking for long-term use and durability, you may want to add a clear top coat for protection as well.


    Distressed mason jars: It All Started with Paint

    Mason jars painted on the inside: Pinterest


    Patterned mason jars: Pinterest


    Mason jars with blue patina: Home Talk


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