5 Things You Must Have at Your Desk, from Tania

5 Things You Must Have At Your Desk from Tania

If you work in an office or at a table, you're likely spending a good portion of your day there and naturally, it becomes home to some essential things. Last week, our founder Tania showed us on Snapchat the 5 things she must have at her desk. Didn't see it? Don't worry, you can catch it here!

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5 Things Tania Must Have at Her Desk


I love having my coffee and smoothie in the morning, but there's nothing like staying hydrated throughout the day! I have a (pretty big) tumbler that I keep at my desk at all times. It gets refilled at least 3 times a day. If you're a busy bee and can barely get away from your desk, get a giant tumbler that you don't need to refill often. You might find that you're getting up to visit the lou more often, but that bit of movement is good for you too! 


If I had to choose one thing to get me through my work day, this would be it. With so many things going through my head and a growing to-do list, I rely heavily on my agenda to stay organized and get all my tasks done everyday. I'm using this stylish marble one from Design Love Co.

Quick Tip: I like to highlight the top 3 things I must do each day - these are your goals. If you don't get around to anything else, that's okay, as long as you finish these 3.


5 Things You Must Have at Your Desk from Tania


Being on social media all day long and running your day-to-day on your phone really drains your battery - especially Snapchat! Nothing is worse than having to run out to a meeting or having after work drinks and realizing your phone battery is beyond low. We all know the world stops when your phone dies.

5 Things You Must Have at Your Desk from Tania


It can be so uncomfortable going through the day with dry lips or hands. My lips get dry... magically, just from sitting at my desk and from talking. And with all the water I'm drinking, I'm washing my hands often which dry them out. I always have lip balm and hand lotion ready to save me! 

5 Things You Must Have at Your Desk from Tania


I have an obsession with scents and oils - I honestly believe they help your well-being. Work can be draining and it burns a lot of energy, so I turn to a few different essential oils to help me get my spring back in my step. My favorites:
1. Quick Study: citrusy boosts of mental alertness and energy
2. Peppermint Halo: smells and feels amazing for those headaches! 
3. Stress Release: lavender for releasing stress and tension
    5 Things You Must Have at Your Desk from Tania


    Do we share any of the same desk essentials? What are your desk must haves?

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