Sample & Seconds Sale

We’re taking it online and having our first (ever) online sample & seconds sale on May 13 - May 15! 💃🎉These sales usually happen locally in our little Vancouver office, but because of COVID-19 and the new normal, we're moving it online. The good thing is everyone has access to the sale (lucky you)! The bad thing? Everyone has access to the sale! Quantities are limited and there's no such thing as a restock so you gotta move extra fast. 📦💨



What is the sample and seconds sale?

Here's the deal - our sample and seconds sale includes pieces from our design process (that never made it online), pieces that are similar to our final design (but weren’t exactly what we wanted), styles with minor imperfections and blemishes (such as but not limited to stone color variations, mis-matched plating color, slight scratches, slightly off centered stones, showroom pieces, unnoticeable missing pave, etc), and extra inventory. All items will have (sample) listed beside them to indicate that they are a part of the Sample & Seconds Sale. It does not indicate that the particular item is a sample and not a second.  By purchasing, you are acknowledging and agreeing to the sale terms and conditions.


When will my order ship?

Orders containing items from the Sample & Seconds Sale (including regular items) will ship within 1 week of purchase. If your order also contains pre-order items, your entire order will ship once ALL items are available. If you require other items sooner, please place separate orders. Please note that payment will be taken at the time of the purchase.


Can I use my promo code or gift card?

Coupon codes cannot be applied to sale items and prices are as marked. Coupon codes can be used for regular priced items. If you have a gift card, you can still use that towards payment on your purchase.

Can I see more photos of the item I want to get? 

Because each item has different imperfections and very limited availability, we are unable to provide photos of each individual item. As we are also safely operating under special circumstances, our products are located at the office for quick shipping to you, and not accessible by the rest of our team for photos. The photos online may not exactly show the blemishes on the specific item you receive, but we will do our best to provide as much information as possible on what you may find. Please be sure to read the information on the pages before purchasing. Here are some common imperfections.




Is there a chance that I may not be able to receive the item I purchased?

We are doing the absolute best to ensure that our first Sample & Seconds sale goes as smoothly and seamlessly as possible! However, due to the high volume and hecticness of this sale, we may encounter instances where your order has been processed and paid for, however the item may no longer be available. If this is the case, we are so sorry about that - we will send you an email to notify you and refund your item immediately. 

The item I wanted is sold out, will there be more? 

We only have a handful of quantities available (some of them even just 1!) so once they're sold out, they're gone for good. Note that having an item in your cart does NOT guarantee that it'll be yours - if someone else also has the item in their cart and checks out first, they will purchase the item. 


How are the pieces packaged?

To do our best to minimize packaging and provide you with the best price, items may not be packaged on the same cards, or individually in our signature pouches. We do have the option to purchase and add a gift box to your order. 


What if my order has items that aren't a part of the sale?

No problem! You can still shop our regular collection during the Sample and Seconds sale on the same order. These regular priced items will be fall under our regular return policy and will be packaged as they normally would.

These supplies will be donated to Operation Protect through SafeCareBC and BC’s Ministry of Health. All donations are added to the provincial supply and distributed to hospitals, care homes, community health support, assisted living and any other organizations as shortages arise.