• 7 Ways to Organize Your Jewelry

    If you're anything like us, you've started quite the jewelry collection! If you have some extra time to do some spring cleaning, you might want to add organizing your jewelry to the list. Here are 7 different ways to organize your jewelry and treasures, keeping them neatly sorted while showing them off!
  • How to Navigate Your Wedding During Coronavirus

    We did a poll on Instagram, and out of 700+ brides who voted, 40% said they had to make changes to their wedding plans. You're not alone. If you've had to cancel or postpone your wedding because of COVID-19, here are some things you can do to.
  • #oandpathome: Our Team's WFH Looks

    With all the recent changes in the world affecting our personal and work lives, we're seeing how important it is to keep to a routine, find balance and make your home a place that's both a work space and a living space when you're off the clock. And since we're spending a lot more time at home, we wouldn't mind a reason or two to put on a little sparkle and work from home in cute and comfy style!