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6 Things to Do in Mexico

Playa del Carmen, Mexico


Hi guys, it's Tania!

We don't usually blog about personal things here (probably because our lives aren't that interesting), but I had so much fun in Playa del Carmen and Tulum that I wanted to share it with you! Plus I have this itch to write about whatever I want... which I can... so I will! By the way, did you know I had a blog back in 2009!?

Winter in Vancouver is always wet, sometimes snowy, and cold-ish. So I was super excited to trade in the layers and winter boots for sun dresses, bathing suits and fun jewelry. Except that at this time of the year, who's really beach bod ready?? 


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There are so many fun things we did and so much we didn't get to do... which means another trip is necessary in the future, but here are some things I enjoyed and while in Playa del Carmen and Tulum! 


We took a ferry over to Cozumel island for a snorkeling tour. The water was warm, clear and we were able to see so much sea life - string rays, puffer fish, jelly fish, star fish, and normal fish. Even though I can't swim, hate submersing my head in water and had a mini panic attack before going into the water, I would highly recommend snorkeling! 

There are a ton of excursions and tours that you can do - visiting the Mayan Ruins was also amazing, but snorkeling was my favorite!


Whenever I travel, eating is my top priority. We only got to try a handful of places (something about the heat also makes you less hungry), but here are some of my favorites: Catch (seafood), Taquerias El Fogon, Chamico's (lunch on the beach!), Casa Banana and Casa Jaguar. Loved the coconut matcha at Matcha Mama and cocktails at Gitano and Batey's Mojito Bar too.

Snorkeling in Cozumel Mexico


I've been to traveling Cirque du Soleil shows and ones in Vegas, but this place is magical. JOYÀ is entertaining and incredible as you'd expect, but the venue is seriously next level. They built an entire resort just for this show!


Again, I can't swim, but these natural sinkholes are so, so beautiful I went anyway (with a life jacket). You can't go to Mexico and not visit a Cenote. There are so many around, some harder to get to than others. We visited Ik-Kil while on a tour - it's one of the most popular and full of tourists, but you have to see it. Casa Cenote was another one with the clearest waters, leading out into the ocean.


Cenote Ik Kil by Travel Digg

Ik-Kil Cenote


The beach along Tulum is lined with the prettiest beach clubs. Lounge on the beach in hammocks and bungalows while eating fresh ceviche, working on your tan and looking out into the turquoise water. The two we visited: Coco (the insta-famous swings) and Ziggy's.


The only way to relax to the max while on a relaxing vacay is to get a massage! We treated ourselves to the Cenote Spa at the Grand Hyatt in Playa del Carmen and it's one of the most beautiful ones I've ever been to. Spas here are like resorts - grande and beautifully decorated. I didn't get a chance to try a Mayan Spa in Tulum but there are also tons of options there... even massages on the beach! 

 Coco Beach Club Tulum
Coco Beach Club

Tulum Mexico

Matcha mama Tulum Mexico

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