A Birthday Thank You


Hi everyone! 

OMG has it really been 3 years? I can't believe how fast time flies! I still remember the very first day I launched the shop and got my first order (thank you Benita, I will never forget ;) ).  I was so ecstatic and seriously jumping for joy! And then I realized I had no clue how to ship the order out. 

Since that day, SO much has changed. I've learned so much about running a business - what to do, what never to do again, and what was completely stupid to do (but a great learning experience, right?). I've also learned a lot about myself - how far you can push yourself, how you react when.. stuff hits the fan, what motivates you, and what it's really like to break down (really, it happens). 

And through it all, one of the things that I've been so lucky to have... is all of you. From being able to send you things you love, to telling us how we did (great and not so great - we appreciate it all), to talking to you on social media and sharing a glimpse of real life (thanks to snap chat!!).  And although we're just a couple of gals with our heads buried in our work, we never stop thanking you guys for supporting our business and growing along the way with us! Without you, there would be no olive + piper and the world would be a little duller. ;) 

Happy birthday to us! And so much love to you!

PS - Don't forget to celebrate with us every day this week from Oct 19-23! You don't want to miss it.


 olive + piper's birthday party!

olive + piper's birthday party!

olive + piper's birthday party!


Jewelry: olive + piper
Decor and styling: Taffete Designs
Makeup and hair: Tori Blush
Cake topper: Confetti and Co
Calligraphy: Maurelle Calligraphy
Flowers: Flower Factory


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