5 Easy Make-Up Looks for Halloween

The spookiest time of the year is coming... and it's the best time to go wild and try some creepy or cute make-up! Dressing up can be expensive and time consuming, which is why we've picked some of our favorite DIY looks to try at home. We can't wait to see what all our #oandpgirls are going to be dressing up as this year! 

Black Cat

We all know this is a good go-to costume but adding some bold make-up can bring this outfit up a notch and having some people saying meoooow! 

 5 Easy Make-Up Looks for Halloween: Black Cat

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Walking Dead

Want to try out a spooky look this year (or maybe for a part in the show)? This make-up look has us "dying!"

5 Easy Make-Up Looks for Halloween: Walking Dead

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All Dolled Up

Getting dolled up has a whole new meaning! Dress up and bat those lashes.

5 Easy Make-Up Looks for Halloween: Doll

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Corpse Bridezilla 

Weddings can be stressful. Show them how you really feel and bring out your inner bridezilla this halloween! 

5 Easy Make-Up Looks for Halloween: Corpse Bridezilla

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Clown Face

Lastly, this is the cutest make-up to try out this year to turn a few heads. At least you know you're the kind of clown people actually like. 

5 Easy Make-Up Looks for Halloween: Clown  

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Hope this gives some inspiration for some killer costumes for our #oandpgirls! 




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