How to Wear Jewelry in Your Hair

Dressing yourself in sparkle and jewels is mandatory at olive + piper, but what about taking that bling up north and decking out your tresses? We've got one thing to say about that: sparkly hair, don't care!

Pick out your favorite jewelry and those darling styles you once loved and let's put them back at work for you. And the best part is - amping up your mane game is easy. All you need is a hair style in mind and some bobby pins. 

The Cuffed Chignon

This hair style is seriously the fastest and easiest way to pull off that "I'm so put together" look. Just top it off with a cute cuff bracelet - thick or thin. Featured here: Gold Knot Cuff.

>> Learn how to create the cuffed chignon here. 


The Knotted Crown

This gorgeous twisted and knotted crown is one that LC would approve of. Forget keeping it clean and perfectly pulled together - the messier the better! Finish it off with a sparky lining - a bracelet or necklace secured with bobby pins underneath your crown. Featured here: Alvara Necklace.

>> Get the look with this Twisted Crown hair style.

The Side Braid

How sweet and playful is this braid, intertwined with a strand of sparkle?? This is as easy as it gets. Pick a necklace or bracelet with links or loops that can fit securely between a bobby pin and pin it underneath your hair. Separate your hair in 3 sections and get your braid on! Featured here: Lulu Necklace. 





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  • olive + piper

    KMB – You can find a link to the first 2 hair styles in the post. The last one is just your simple side braid! Hope that helps :)

    KATIE – Thanks for reading! They’re a ton of fun! Enjoy dressing up your hair!

  • KMB

    How do u do the hair styles

  • Katie

    Love this!! I hope to try all of these.

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