Get Your Shop On 101 + Our Favorite Sales!

Any fashionista knows that shopping is an art form that requires determination, a sharp eye, and endurance.  We’d say it’s definitely a sport and is right up there with the likes of biathalon or speed skating, especially when it comes to hitting up those deals for Black Friday.  Consider the following crash course, Getting Your Shop on 101, and you can thank us later when you make it home this November 28th with all your amazing scores.

1) Map - Take the night before to prioritize your list of favourite retailers and map out the most efficient route to each one of them. Whether by car or on foot, no one wants to waste time with indecisiveness, or worse, from getting lost.  Sure, we’ve got our smartphones and all, but we like to write it down with an old-school pen and paper like this and this. 

2) Dress - Being stuck in the changing room line up is no way to maximize your time on the shopping floor.  For easy slip-on, slip-off access, this is the one time that it will be socially acceptable to go out in public in those trusty leggings, camis, and runners.  With this getup, just quickly throw your potential purchases on top to check fit, and then get on right on out the door to the next stop!  Next!  

3) Fuel - You can’t go into combat starved, and certainly not on a sugar high that will have you hyped on the arrival, but crash and burn shortly after going in. Make sure to fuel up on some nutritional eats.  We’re loving this whole cold-pressed juice trend. 

4) Say “Ohm” - All top performers will tell you that a part of achieving success is the state of mind. So in the midst of the lengthy line ups and the ensuing mad clamour, spray and take a deeeeeep breath.

5) Regoup - The Bad News: There were some items that you wished you were able to have scored.  The Good News: There’s Cyber Monday (and we’ve got some great deals coming soon.  Stay tuned!). 

Not up for battling the crowds?  Well, even if you are one to brave them, we've put together a few Black Friday deals we've got our eye on! Who can say no to shopping from the comfort of your own home in comfy jammies and a cup of cocoa?

  1. OLIVE + PIPER - Obviously, we're going to have a crazy sale... because honestly, we love you so much! So stop by bright and early on Friday, November 28th and see what's in store! Don't forget to come back on Monday, November 30th for totally new Cyber Monday deals!
  2. ASOS - Save 30% off site wide and up to 70% off all sale items

  3. Joe Fresh - Take 30% off regular priced items 

  4. Shopbop - Get 15% off if you spend $250, 20% off if you spend $500, and 25% off if you spend $1,000 with code GOBIG14.

  5. TOMS - Take 25% off all items (excluding core classics and sale items) from November 27 through December 1.



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