How To Perfectly Layer Necklaces in 4 Ways

We never take ourselves too seriously when it comes to jewelry, and neither should you! With fashion jewelry it’s fun to play around and create not only dynamic looks, but also versatile ways to update your wardrobe.

Here we’ll show you 4 ways to easily create that effortlessly layered look, perfect for your individual style so you can #VacayEveryday.

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olive + piper layered necklaces


To create the basic layered look, simply stack on delicate necklaces that have different lengths to give your style more depth and purpose. Start with a simple and delicate pendant necklace, like this triangle trio – it’s a basic must-have and an everyday piece that goes with any outfit. Layer it with a longer lariat y-necklace to create length. The top piece should always be minimalistic and dainty, while the bottom piece gives more intrigue and sparkle. Together, they create an effortless layered look and fit so perfectly together. 

Our Taylor necklace (shown above) is a versatile 3-in-1 convertible necklace that combines the two strands together but can easily be separated so you can wear it solo or together. Both pieces are dainty and minimalist creating the perfect basic layered look.

Get the look: Taylor Convertible Y-Necklace ($38)


olive + piper layered necklaces



The Edgy layered look is another easy and versatile one to try! This style has a graduated effect, stacking on more than just two layers. Start with a classic dainty piece up top. The smaller the better, and with that you can add length to it. Add slightly longer and bigger necklaces below for contrast. This look is polished with enough layers for a fun everyday statement. Here we used our Mikhael Convertible necklace and Mirabella Pendant. We love the edgy pearls paired with the ultra-glam high-polished gold.

Our Mikhael Necklace is also a versatile 3-in-1 convertible set that allows you to mix and match. Pair it with our Mirabella Pendant as your larger and longer statement piece.

Get the look: Mikhael Convertible Necklace ($42), Mirabella Pendant Necklace ($42). Shop together: Cabel Layered Set ($84)


olive + piper layered necklaces


If edgy isn’t your thing and you are more of a classic, timeless girl, then this look will be your favorite! Bring in a fun statement piece and pair it with a dainty chain to get a polished yet glamorous look.

Start off with our favorite personalized necklace, the Signature Carrie Necklace – it’s an everyday piece we love wearing. When going out, we want to dress up and add a little sparkle, so pair your pendant necklace with a subtle statement like our Alessandra Necklace. While one is dainty, the other is bolder and more glam, balancing it out and creating a nice contrast. A personalized sentiment never goes out of style and the two are sophistication meets glamour - which we are totally okay with!

Get the look: Signature Carrie Necklace ($100), Alessandra Necklace ($36)


olive + piper bold necklaces


Last but not least one of our favorite ways to pump up for a girls night out is to over accessorize our jewels with a Statement Look.

Who said layering was only for pendant necklaces? Add contrast and go bold by playing with different lengths and silhouettes. Our Sunburst Deco Bib Necklace is the ultimate boho-luxe statement – it’s beautiful on its own, for sure! But, by adding our Luxe Crystal Collar and Lucy Crystal Collar we create texture and movement, building layers up towards the collar. All three necklaces make a mark by resting on top of each other. This look isn’t for everybody but those who are willing to be bold and have some fun - this won’t disappoint!

Get the look: Sunburst Deco Necklace ($36), Luxe Crystal Collar ($58), Lucy Crystal Collar ($48)


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  • Selena Benson

    Statement necklaces certainly help make an outfit! I love all of these and all the outfit details! So pretty :)

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